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Revive the Spark: 4 Ways to Rekindle Your Marriage This Summer

Hosted by Justin and Trisha Davis, Authors of Beyond Ordinary and Founders of RefineUs Ministries

What's a Marriage Master Class? 

Each month, Justin and Trisha Davis share insights and wisdom from their 27 years of marriage and two decades of pastoral ministry. They come alongside you to mentor and equip your marriage. Each class lasts 45 minutes, with time for Q&A. 

Who is this Master Class for? 

This class is for marriages of all lengths and quality levels. If you're newly married or not so newly married, this is for you. If your marriage is growing and healthy or it's struggling, and in trouble, this class is for you. 

What if my spouse can't join live? 

All of our Marriage Master Classes are FREE to join and watch live. If you or your spouse aren't able to join us, you can purchase lifetime access to this individual Master Class HERE. You can also become a Marriage 24/7 Member and have access to all previous and future Master Classes. 

Meet Justin and Trisha Davis founders of RefineUs Ministries

Our return to ministry is the result of a victorious battle for our marriage and family. After successfully planting our first church, Justin had an affair with a staff member, who was also Trisha’s best friend.

What followed was a 4-year journey of pain, grief and ultimately the restoration of our relationship by the grace of God. This experience left a watermark on our marriage of what it really means to experience grace, love and redemption firsthand—both individually and as a couple

In 2012, we founded RefineUs, using our story of failure, loss, and transformation to guide others to discover renewed hope and purpose.