1:1 Coaching

We help you find hope and purpose in seasons of transition, loss or uncertainty.


Sometimes we need a partner in our journey to bring clarity, perspective and wisdom in a specific season of life or through a transition in life. Your needs determine the direction and frequency of our life-coaching program. 

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What if you could...

Move forward in your relationship with God. 

Our coaching process starts with wisdom from God's word and principles from the teachings of Jesus. 

Reconnect with your passion and purpose.  

Each of us have a passion and purpose that brings us life and meaning. 

Gain wisdom and perspective as you make a life transition. 

We've walked through countless transitions and can provide sound wisdom and best practices as you navigate a planned or unforeseen change. 

Develop a plan to change:  

Coaching only works if you work a plan. We'll give you a plan to move beyond what is holding you back and check in on your progress. 

are you struggling with...


A sudden transition beyond your control
A lack of contentment in your job, marriage or relationships
Bitterness or anger directed at the people you love most
An absence of direction in your career or stage of life
An unwanted relational change that has disrupted your life
A spouse that isn't interested in counseling or coaching? 
A new season in parenting that's caught you off guard
An addiction that continues to control aspects of your life and relationships
 Are you ready do something differently so you can have something different? 

Every season of life brings its own challenges and rewards. Often the rewards come after we navigate the challenges.

We help you identify the core issues holding you back and develop a plan to experience freedom, purpose and direction.  

Maybe you're stuck vocationally or relationally; maybe you're recovering from a devastating divorce or an unforeseen loss. Maybe you just feel lost and need some help finding your way on the journey. 

We will equip you to take carve a path to become the person God created you to be.

Life's journey looks different for everyone, but we walk similar routes along the way. You have a partner in the journey. 

What makes our personal One on One Coaching Different?


Meet online and from your own home. Each session will be over Zoom so location isn't an issue. 

This is a safe place to be honest about your issues. You will find a place to belong with Justin and Trish.  

We adjust to your life situation and circumstances Our life coaching model isn't something you to which you adjust, we design our approach to your needs. 

Help is practical and immediate.  After the first session you will experience real help and a game plan for moving forward. 

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a note from Justin and Trisha


After 27 years of marriage, and 26 years of parenting we've seen God use our deepest pain as the foundation of our greatest calling.
We've overcome sexual brokenness, addiction, infidelity, the death of dreams, vocational transitions, launching three kids into adulthood, adopting two kids with more trauma than we knew how to handle, mountain-top success and bottom of the valley failure. What has brought us through all of that is our faith and a few trusted friends and mentors along the way.  
Our mission is to restore hope and renew purpose and we'd love to go on that journey with you.  So if you are in need of hope or renewal, our coaching program is designed for you.
We not only give you content, but we walk with you on the path of purpose and rediscovery. The best time to start coaching is now.
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