What if you had a done-for-you marriage devotional sent to you each week?


We all want a fantastic marriage.   


We've found there are three things that keep couples stuck in an ordinary marriage:

1. Time:  Schedules are full, and it's difficult to make room for one more thing on the family calendar - even when you know you need it.

2. Money: Finances can be a barrier to investing in your marriage in a way that lasts.

3. Opportunity: It's difficult to find marriage resources that meet you where you are you and give you tools to move closer to God and one another. 

We're here to support you with a simple and helpful resource that'e easy on your schedule AND on your budget.

Introducing MentorUs


Each week, for one full year, we will send you: 

  • A marriage devotion to read together
  • Scriptures to¬†meditate on together
  • Discussion questions to prompt spiritual connection and growth
  • A once-monthly video to¬†recap and apply the monthly devotional theme.¬†
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for the year

  • Weekly devotional sent directly to your inbox
  • Scripture to read together as a couple
  • Discussion questions to help you engage in conversation
  • Monthly marriage videos from Justin and Trisha
  • On-demand access to all the content in the online portal
  • BONUS: On-demand marriage masterclasses
  • BONUS: Live "date night" events, for further inspiration and celebration of marriage

Justin and Trisha Davis know all too well the dangers of settling for an ordinary marriage. Their own failure to recognize the warning signs almost resulted in the end of their marriage, their family, and their ministry.

Using their story of pain loss and redemption, the Davis' started RefineUs Ministries in 2012.

Since then, through their best-selling book, Beyond Ordinary, their marriage conferences and online marriage courses, they've invested in thousands of marriages and equip couples to pursue an extraordinary marriage.  

Their passion is restore hope and renew relationships because families thrive when relationships are healthy.