Don't make the mistakes we made!

Over the past 30-ish years of marriage, we've learned a lot about what not to do to have a healthy, thriving marriage. Our e-book reveals...

  • The¬†actual reason you keep fighting about the same things over and over again
  • How to grow in your relationship, regardless of where your spouse is at
  • The key to rebuilding rock-solid trust that lasts

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We are Justin and Trisha Davis, your marriage advocates.

Welcome to a place filled with hope, where no story is too far from restoration.

This ministry is the result of a victorious battle for our marriage and family. After successfully planting our first church, Justin had an affair with Trisha’s best friend.

What followed was four years of pain, grief and ultimately the restoration of our relationship by the grace of God.

In 2012, we founded RefineUs, using our story of failure, suffering, and transformation to guide others to discover renewed hope and purpose. 

We believe being real is more important than being perfect. You belong here!

Your Story Matters