Do you feel disconnected from your spouse in your marriage?

Have you been struggling for months to rekindle what you once had? 
Do not lose hope.  You're in the right place

Yes, Tell Me More

Do you feel disconnected from your spouse in your marriage?

Have you been struggling for months to rekindle what you once had? 
Do not lose hope.  You're in the right place.

Yes, tell me more!

Are you and your spouse...

Having the same argument...over and over again?

Unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied in your marriage? 

Feeling like you are growing further apart each day and you have no idea how to reconnect?

Stuck in a vicious cycle of ego, bitterness, resentment and silence?

Desperately wanting something to change but not sure where to begin? 


You are not alone!

Marriage can be beautiful and rewarding, but it is challenging.

Even the best marriages have seasons of struggle and hardship.

On average, couples struggle for 6 YEARS before asking for help.

The average married couple: 

  • Spends less than 10-minutes per day in real, non-transactional conversation
  • Has sex less than two times per month
  • Feels emotionally disconnected and unfulfilled 
  • 68% of couples say they struggle with communication in their marriage
  • 72% say they regularly fight about money

All of us have to work at this thing called "marriage"

We’ve been there…

Hi, we are Justin and Trisha, and we have been there too.  After successfully planting our first church in 2002, Justin had an affair with a staff member, who was also Trisha’s best friend.

We were separated for 2 1/2 months and didn't talk for the next ten days. We lost everything...everything except hope.

With our marriage on life-support, we were desperate to find healing and restoration. Our journey was one of pain, grief, forgiveness, and, ultimately, the restoration of our relationship by the grace of God.

This experience left a watermark on our marriage of what it really means to experience grace, love, and redemption firsthand—both individually and as a couple. (This picture is from our vow renewal in 2005.) 

Hopeless is what a lot of couples feel about their marriage. You had hope and a vision, but that faded over time. 

No couple wants to have a mediocre marriage. It just kinda happens. It happened to us.  

Hope is a powerful thing. It's this belief that things can be different. Maybe you've lost hope, or you're losing hope. We have hope for your marriage. 

Imagine if you could…

Be heard and understood by your spouse.  

Feeling known and valued is the first step to healthy communication. 

Break the cycle of bitterness and resentment. 

Your marriage can't heal without grace and forgiveness. 

Reignite passion in your marriage.

Understand and overcome barriers to physical intimacy.

That's Why We Created...

Marriage 24/7 Membership 
Courses, Coaching, and Community

For Christian couples who want to transform their relationship with love, respect, and healthy communication. Marriage 24/7 provides couples with resources to renew hope and restore their relationship. 

Yes, I want this!


I cannot thank you enough for your role in our journey to recovery. You put words to feelings we had been having for years and could never verbalize. 

This allowed us to address issues in our marriage that otherwise may have torn us apart.


What's Included In Your Marriage 24/7 Membership

Monthly Marriage Master Class

Monthly classes from Justin and Trisha on a variety of topics relevant to your marriage. Each class lasts 45 minutes, with a Q&A at the end. 

(Members have lifetime access to masterclasses if you can't join live.)

Monthly Zoom Coaching Call

 Our monthly LIVE Coaching Call is your pathway to transformation. Each month we'll coach and encourage you to new levels of love and intimacy in your marriage.

(Members have lifetime access to all calls if you can't join live) 

Resource Library

Lifetime access to on-demand video courses, marriage devotionals, archived Master Classes & Coaching Calls, and interviews with marriage and relationship experts.  All of this and more are a part of the growing Resource Library. 

Community Portal 

You have free access to the Marriage 24/7 Community Portal. There are discussion forums, marriage challenges and opportunities to interact with Justin and Trish. 


Fourteen months ago, our marriage was holding on by a thread. We were hopeless in the first few days after my husband's confession. Then, he stumbled across your blog, and we stayed up late into the night reading your posts. It was a small glimmer of hope that there was still hope.

Fourteen months later, it's been a miracle. And a massive part of our marriage survival was your weekly emails and digital resources. Of course, we have a long way to go still. But we are different people now. Our hearts are changed.

Amy and Ethan

Wait...You Also Get These Amazing BONUSES!

One on One Coaching Session

When you purchase the Annual Membership, you will also get a FREE One-on-One Coaching Session with Justin and Trisha

21 Days Marriage Course

When you purchase the Annual Membership, you will also get our popular "21 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage" online course

$200 off RefineUs Weekend 

Twice a year we host an in-person marriage conference for 10 couples. When you purchase the Annual membership, you get $200 off registration

Meet your Marriage 24/7 Mentors


What started out as sharing our testimony on Sunday mornings at churches has become our passion and mission. 

Over the last twelve years, we have taught our marriage principles to over 200,000 people at churches and conferences across the country. 

Our book, Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn't Good Enough, published by Tyndale House Publishers has become a best-seller. 

We have been featured on CNN, The Huffington Post, The 700 Club, the Priscilla Shirer Show, Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, Moody Radio and we did a 14 city tour with The JoyFM out of Tampa, Florida. 

We love helping couples in big ways. But our hearts beat for the individual marriage. Our hearts beat for your marriage. 

That is why we created Marriage 24/7. This membership gives you access to us and allows us to pour our heart each month into the heart of your marriage. 

Marriage 24/7 meets you where you are and allows you to digest the marriage help you need when you need it. 

We want you to feel like you're having coffee with good friends. 

As Seen On: 

Here's Why You'll Love Marriage 24/7:


You get a year of marriage help for about the cost of ONE counseling session.  

Your marriage crisis doesn't have to be a financial crisis. 

You will learn to fight for each other, not with each other.  

Do you believe your spouse is FOR you? The culture of your marriage changes when you realize your spouse isn't your enemy. 

Reimagine God's vision for marriage.

Through Master Classes, coaching calls and resources, we'll reconnect you to His vision for your marriage. 

Discover how to be fully known so you can be fully loved.   

 We'll help you grow in vulnerability and trust so you can experience deep, satisfying love. 

You have unlimited access to membership resources to go at your pace. 

It took time to drift in your marriage; it will take time to find your way back. That's okay. 

Your personal invitation from Justin and Trish:



Marriage 24/7 Membership 
Courses, Coaching, and Community

This Is For: 

  • Couples who are tired of marriage as usual and want something different. 
  • Couples that are looking for more than just a book to read, but also a guide to walk with them to an extraordinary marriage. 

This Is NOT For: 

  • Couples who want to go through the motions so they have an excuse to blame their spouse. 
  • Couples who want their spouse to change but aren't willing to allow God to change them. 
Yes, I want this!


I hope you realize how much your ministry is helping couples. Thank you. Thank you for going "first" to give others the courage to go second. 

Aaron and Esther

Frequently Asked Questions

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Marriage 24/7 is a satisfaction guaranteed membership. If you use the membership and don't notice a change in your marriage relationship, you can cancel your membership at any time. If you are unsatisfied, you can request a full refund.

Nothing changes until something changes!

Are you ready to move past what's holding you back? Are you tired of hitting the same walls, arguing over the same things? Are you ready for a transformed marriage?

If you are ready to move beyond good intentions and make choices that will reconnect you with your spouse, restore passion and intimacy in your marriage, and put you on a path to an extraordinary marriage, then you are in the right place. 

Imagine your marriage one year from now. Will it be any different than it is today? 

We don't know anything about your marriage, but we do know that nothing changed in our marriage until we decided to change something. 

Will your communication be better?

Will your resentment be less?

Will your passion for your spouse be restored?

Will you have rebuilt trust? 

The answers to these questions is up to you. 

Marriage 24/7 Membership 
Courses, Coaching, and Community

Join the Marriage 24/7 Membership Today! 

  • A Marriage Master Class Each Month  ($500+ value)
  • Monthly Live Zoom Coaching Calls ($250+ value)
  • On-Demand Marriage Courses  ($199 value each)
  • Resource Library ($500+ value)

Total Value:  Over $2,000

Members of Marriage 24/7 get immediate access to tools that will transform your marriage.  

Monthly Membership

$29 USD

Per Month

  • Immediate access Marriage Master Class library and Monthly LIVE Masterclasses  
  • LIVE Monthly Marriage Coaching Call on Zoom with interactive Q&A
  • Lifetime Access to PDFs, Worksheets, Marriage Devotionals and More
  • Immediate access to our Marriage courses and all future Marriage courses
  • Unlimited access to our Resource Vault with new resources added monthly
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Nicki Carnes

Through their willingness to be transparent and vulnerable, they offer practical tools and wisdom that heal and restore broken marriages or add strength to healthy marriages.
The marriages in our church changed. One divorced couple found the hope they thought was lost forever. They got remarried and are still thriving today!

Women's Ministry Director, New Passion Church