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Customized Marriage Conference
We will bring our signature five-session marriage intensive right into your church, or we can customize it to fit your community's unique needs.

Church Service Guest Speakers
We can share our wisdom at your weekend corporate worship services either as a couple or individually.

Women's Events
Trisha speaks with humor, honesty and vulnerability into the issues and topics women of all ages can relate to. 

Men's Events
Justin opens up and gets real with men in both conference and retreat environments to help men unlock their most authentic self.

A few churches we've served

Traders Point Church, Indianapolis, IN we spoke at Traders Point during their weekend services. 

Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN we spoke at Cross Point on a Sunday morning and did our five-session marriage conference. 

Granger Community Church, Granger, IN we shared our story during weekend services at Granger

Community Christian Church, Naperville, IL we spoke at Community Christian during their Sunday services. 

Discover God's Vision for Marriage:  We help couples discover or rediscover God's vision for marriage. 

Understand the gift of sexual intimacy: We talk honestly and biblically about how to recapture God's design for sexual intimacy in marriage. 

Overcome barriers to experiencing God's best for their marriage: We equip couples to identify the hurdles and obstacles they face in having the marriage God has in mind. 

Turn from Bitterness and to Forgiveness:  We help couples see how bitterness can hold them back and how to choose forgiveness. 

Here are a few messages to get to know us...

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Their candid and sometimes gut-wrenchingly painful testimony held our congregation spellbound, and their story of repentance, restoration, and healing by the power of God’s love was riveting!

Many who heard them were challenged to seek that same renewal and recommitment in their own marriages. The testimony was memorable and powerful.

We at Traders Point Christian Church affirm Justin and Trisha’s marriage ministry. We hope you will be as blessed by them as we have been.


 Aaron Brockett
Lead Pastor of Traders Point Christian Church

The RefineUs Marriage Conference reflects the character and nature of Justin and Trisha: authentic, down to earth, and fun!

Through their own willingness to be transparent and vulnerable, they offer practical tools and wisdom that can heal and restore broken marriages or add strength to healthy marriages.

The marriages in our church greatly benefited from this conference. One divorced couple found the hope they thought was lost forever. They got remarried and are still thriving today!


Nicki Carnes
Women's Connections Director of New Passion Church

I want to highly recommend this message for your congregation. They have an important message to share, and they both point unashamedly to Jesus. Whether you have people in your church who are married or single, struggling with an inappropriate relationship, martially drifting, or not, this message rings loud and true. God is after our hearts, and he desires for us to be pure.


Todd Gaston
Former Pastor of Mount Ararat Baptist Church


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