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10 Things I Believe

Aug 29, 2022

As parents, Trish and I are constantly picking up after our kids. If we aren’t picking up after them, we are getting on them to pick up after themselves. Pick up your towel. Pick up your cereal bowl. Pick up your socks. Pick up your shoes. They have a natural talent of leaving things behind. They are truly gifted in this area.

The other night I came into our bedroom and there were a few papers laying on our bed and on our bed side table. My first thought was, “I can’t believe someone left their papers in our room.” Then I picked up the papers and started reading what our 14-year old son Elijah had written and left behind.

10 Things I Believe and Why

  1. I believe Jesus rose from the grave, because without it I wouldn’t be living for anything.
  2. I believe this world is broken because of our fall in the beginning.
  3. I believe since the world is broken that Jesus can mend it.
  4. I believe that by Jesus resurrecting from the dead, I am saved. Without that belief I would be plagued by guilt each and every day.
  5. I believe I can change the world because I was born for something big.
  6. I believe the names that people call me are not what I am.
  7. I believe I’m Elijah. I’m compassionate, loving, serving, a dreamer, trustworthy, crazy and faithful because that is what God has gifted to me.
  8. I believe I can do anything though God because if not I wouldn’t be enthusiastic about anything.
  9. I believe family, God and friends are the main things in life because God has called us to have community and worship Him.
  10. I believe what God has in store for me is bigger than what I plan.

Are you serious?

This kid can leave papers on my bed anytime he wants.

Honestly, I was speechless. My wife is obviously a great mom! Numbers 5 and 6 stick out to me: A desire to change the world in #5 met by the resistance of others in #6.

I wanted to share it with you today because this list challenged me. What are 10 things I believe and why? Do I ever take the time to think through them?

We act out of our beliefs. What we believe about God and what we believe about ourselves are the two most powerful guiding beliefs we have. Most of our choices, mistakes and regrets are an overflow of these two core beliefs.

Don’t be discouraged today. Don’t be distracted. Don’t allow your circumstances or your past or your pain to define you. God has a plan for you.

As Elijah writes in #10, His plan is bigger than your plan.

I hope this list inspires you. Let’s all contribute to the list today.

What is one thing you believe and why?