5 Words that Change Everything

Aug 29, 2022

In the book of Exodus, Moses is asked to do something that seemed impossible. The nation of Israel had been in slavery for 430 years and God asks Moses to confront Pharaoh and convince him to let God’s people go.

Moses wasn’t convinced he was the right guy for the job so he gave God multiple excuses. He listed all of the reasons why he wasn’t qualified. He gave God all the reasons why the mission would fail. He explained to God why God should pick someone else.

Then God said 5 words that changed everything:

“I will be with you.”

God’s presence would be enough.

 God says the same thing to you today. “I will be with you.”

  • As you are going through a divorce
  • When you don’t know how you will pay your bills
  • When you’re heart is broken
  • When your marriage feels dead
  • When your health is failing
  • When the future is unclear
  • When anxiety overtakes your heart
  • When you’ve failed beyond your ability to make it right
  • Even when you feel inadequate
  • When you have more questions than answers
  • When you’ve lost trust
  • When you have no hope
  • When you feel unloved
  • When you have been rejected
  • When your circumstances feel overwhelming

I. Will. Be. With. You.

The promise God gave Moses, He gives to you today.

If God is with you today, what can possibly come against you?

I will be with you.

Those 5 words change everything today…if you allow them to.