A Gift You Can Never Earn

Aug 29, 2022

The word, unconditional is an amazing word.

It isn’t dependent on performance. It isn’t dependent on ability. It isn’t biased. It doesn’t have favorites. It isn’t based on what one deserves or doesn’t deserve. It can’t be earned or paid back.

Unconditional is without conditions.

It isn’t dependent on anything. Most of us can’t comprehend “unconditional”. We think we can, but most of the time we attach conditions to God’s unconditional love.

Not God.

He loves without conditions.

No ifs.

No buts.

No whens.

No conditions.

Your level of eduction doesn’t improve it.

Your employment status and title doesn’t impress it.

Your performance doesn’t determine it.

Your attempt at perfection doesn’t secure it.

Your pretending to be better than what you are doesn’t increase it.

Without conditions.

Your past won’t stop it.

Your mistakes can’t prevent it.

Your addiction doesn’t undo it.

Your reputation can’t diminish it.

Your marital status doesn’t affect it.

Your guilt won’t lessen it.

Your regrets don’t water it down.

Your hidden sin won’t block it.

Your insecurity doesn’t change it.

Your fears can’t intimidate it.


Our need to put conditions on a love that God gives unconditionally only complicates our relationship with Him. Whatever attempt we make today to earn it or prove it or gain God’s love only prevents us from experiencing the fullness of it.

The only right response to unconditional love is receiving it. Living in it. Basking in it. Loving from it. Forgiving because of it. Being grateful for it. Worshiping out of it.

Without conditions.