A Letter to My Husband

Aug 29, 2022

A few months ago I was searching for a specific document and during my search found this letter. I wrote this love letter to Justin in 1994 a year before we got married. We had both moved to Vermont Illinois (a small farming town) for a part-time youth ministry position, while also attending Western Illinois University.

Although the families we stayed with were amazing and our small country church was as loving as a church could be, we were both struggling to find our way. School was hard. Ministry was hard. We were both homesick. But God used this time as he always does to draw us closer to him and in return closer to each other.

I cried tears of gratitude as the words I wrote almost twenty years ago still remain true to this day!

Tomorrow is Justin’s 40th Birthday (we have a very special post for tomorrow). But I thought I would hijack our blog to tell him Happy Birthday today. Because words of affirmation are one of Justin’s top love languages, this letter seemed the best gift I could give to him.

Dear Justin,

 What was true almost twenty years ago remains true to this day. I love you deeply and consider it an honor to call you my best friend. Although our path has been filled with lonely valleys and exhilarating mountain highs, one thing remains the same… God loves you and I love you!


Letter to JD