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Fighting the Wrong Enemy

Aug 29, 2022

One of the biggest mistakes I make as a Christian is that I underestimate the spiritual battle I’m a part of every day.

For years, I thought that people who talked about spiritual warfare were a little off their rocker. I knew it was in the Bible…but in my mind…it wasn’t relevant today. I didn’t want to make everything from a hangnail to a flat tire a spiritual attack…so I mostly dismissed it. If I’m honest, I still discount its presence at times in my life.

Here is what I’m reminded of today: If you are a Christ-follower that longs to make an impact with your life…you will face opposition.

So often we make the wrong person our opponent.

-Our spouse isn’t the enemy

-Our friends aren’t the enemy

-Our kids aren’t the enemy

-Our family (even your mother-in-law) isn’t the enemy

We have one Enemy that seeks to kill and destroy. He will attack the relationships that mean the most to you. He will distort truth. He will confuse motives. He will make it seem like those who you love the most are against you the most. He longs to destroy you.

You are in a battle. The Bible says that it rages in the heavenly realms, and it rages in our hearts and minds every day.

I’d like to offer you some suggestions on fighting this spiritual battle. I hope that these are an encouragement to you today:

  1. God’s power is made perfect in your weakness. Call on him to fight for you. Stop trying to pretend you can figure everything out and just surrender to Him.
  2. Acknowledge to those you are in relational conflict with that there are spiritual forces that are trying to destroy that relationship. Tell them that you realize that they are not the enemy, but that you have ONE enemy.
  3. If possible, pray with that person (your wife, sister, friend) and ask God to be present in your relationship, to give you discernment and strength.
  4. Live in the promise that greater is he that is in YOU than he that is in the world.

Maybe today you feel battle worn…in your marriage, in a relationship, emotionally, spiritually. Your Heavenly Father longs to restore your weary heart and fight for you…in this very moment.

Are you fighting with the wrong enemy?