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Goodbye Public Opinion

Aug 29, 2022

I (Justin) have received some pretty harsh criticism online the past few days. I’ve tried to pretend it away like it hasn’t bothered me, but it has stung pretty bad. 

This morning, God brought to mind a blog post I wrote three years ago, that gave me a dose of perspective. I hope it speaks to you today. The truth is we don’t have to live to impress anyone.

Let’s live for an audience of One. 

There are few things in this life that are more exhausting than living for the opinion of others.

I lived most of my life for the opinion of others. Trying to impress others. It was pointless in the end.  When I had an affair, was separated from my wife, resigned from the church I pastored, waited tables at P.F. Changs, and only saw my kids a few times a week…I realized that living for what other people thought of me was a miserable way to live. It was exhausting.

Maybe you are there…right now. You are worn-out. You are weary. You have forgotten who you are because you have spent so much time trying to be something for someone else.

You are tired:

  • Tired of performing
  • Tired of persuading
  • Tired of impressing
  • Tired of posing
  • Tired of faking
  • Tired from your past
  • Tired of fighting for approval
  • Tired of trying to make up for your mistakes
  • Tired of proving yourself
  • Tired of not being seen for who you really are

Maybe you’ve lived so much for the opinion of others you’ve lost sight of God’s opinion of you:

  • Your past is forgiven
  • Your future is secure
  • You are loved for who you are
  • Your true self is all God desires
  • Your mistakes are wiped clean
  • Your performance doesn’t earn God’s love
  • Who you are is impressive enough

My prayer for you (and for me) today is that you will find life and energy and purpose in pursuing God’s opinion of you.