How to Bring Life to Every Relationship

Aug 29, 2022

he words we say have power. They have power to breath life into a relationship. Words have power to build up a marriage. They have power to inspire a child. They have the power to shape a soul. Words have power to destroy as well. They can wound a heart; they can damage a marriage; they can create hurt that lasts for years.

Words can build up and words can tear down.

The words that we say to one another aren’t just a reflection of our behavior, they are a reflection of our heart. The words you say are in direct connection to the condition of your heart. There is no getting around it…sooner or later, your heart will overflow in the words you say and how you say them.

Jesus says it like this: A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart. Luke 6:45

As we start a new week, we have the opportunity to speak life into our relationships. We can restore a friendship with what we say. We can improve our marriage with the words we choose. We can redeem a broken relationship with a family member because we choose to allow the love of Christ to overflow into our words.

Here are five statements that will bring life to your relationships this week:

1. You matter to me.

Who in your life needs to hear you say, “You matter to me?” Your kids? A co-worker? Your spouse? Those four words could breath life into a relationship.

2. I forgive you.

There is nothing that hinders the growth of a relationship more than built up resentment. There is also nothing that restores intimacy more than grace that is given freely. Who do you need to forgive? Will you choose to do it this week?

3. I was wrong.

Maybe what keeping a relationship broken is your unwillingness to admit you are wrong. You are clinging to your rights. You justify your choice, and the relationship is damaged simply because you won’t admit a mistake.

4. Thank you.

Gratitude is an overflow of a heart that sees life as a gift. Entitlement and gratitude can’t live in the same heart. You can’t feel entitled to something and grateful for it at the same time. Who do you need to say thank you to in your life? Who have you taken for granted?

5. I believe in you.

There may not be four more powerful words than, “I believe in you.” Those words have the power to shape the future of someone in your life. Who desperately needs to hear from you that you believe in them?

So much of our relationship hurts and dysfunction revolve around what we say or don’t say. The great thing is you can control that. You can choose to say life giving words this week. The question is…will you?