Identity Crisis

Jul 29, 2022

I have struggled with identity my entire life…and my heart’s desire is to find my identity in God, and not other things. Here are my message notes:

A LIE believed as though it were truth, carries the POWER OF TRUTH in our lives.

Lies that we find our identity in:

Lie #1 – Who I am is how I look. The problem with this lie is that we’re looking at a broken image. We spend more time cultivating an outward appearance than we do cultivating a heart for God.
Lie #2 – Who I am is what I accomplish. We settle for a false definition of value, significance and purpose.
Lie #3 – Who I am is found in my marital status. We live every day feeling incomplete.
Lie #4 – Who I am is who I’m related to.

Your earthly VALUE was determined through God’s work in CREATION.

Your heavenly VALUE was determined through Christ’s work on the CROSS.

“Most people spend a lifetime trying to become what they already are.” Neil Anderson