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Jesus Doesn't Want to Fix You

Jul 28, 2022

I meet and talk with people all the time that are disappointed. At some point in their life; when they were growing up, when they were in college, when they were in financial trouble, when they got married, when they got divorced, when they had kids; they bought into this version of Christianity that The Church has been selling for years:

My Current Life + Jesus = Life and Life to its fullest.

We in the church sell the Jesus that will fix your problems, will make life more fulfilling, will help you have a better marriage, will give you better friendships, will make you a better parent. This version of Jesus is a best seller! So, like ordering at the drive through of McDonald’s people Biggie Size their life, and they add Jesus.

What quickly happens is we realize this formula for a good life doesn’t work. Jesus plus my marriage doesn’t fix my marriage problems. Jesus plus my finances doesn’t fix my debt problem. Jesus plus my friends doesn’t fix my relationship problem. Jesus plus my job doesn’t fix the lack of purpose I feel in my  life. Jesus plus my kids doesn’t fix the disconnect between my kids and me. So over the course of time, we settle for this version of Christianity and we think something is wrong with us or more often we think something is wrong with Jesus.

Here is the biggest problem with living like this. Once we realize that something is wrong with Jesus, and he can’t fix us…we lose hope. We lose hope for our marriage, we lose hope in discovering our purpose, we lose hope in overcoming our addictions, we lose hope in being the parent our kids need, we lose hope in our friendships being deep and meaningful.

The result is that we have a life that is very well lived on the outside, but very empty on the inside. We think that this life with Jesus isn’t all that it was advertised to be.

Jesus doesn’t want to fix you. Jesus doesn’t want to be the Biggie Size at the end of your order. He doesn’t want to be an add on when you can’t figure out life or marriage or friendship. He doesn’t want to make you better.

What does Jesus want? He wants all of you. He wants to see you die so He can live. He wants you to completely surrender the life you’ve tried to construct and invite Him in to recreate you. Jesus doesn’t offer an improved version of you, he is offering a brand new creation.

This life of Jesus comes with a price…it will cost you. The price tag is your life for His life. The cost is you allowing Him to be the leader of your life and not just a tag along.

What you will begin to live is the life you’ve always longed for. What he will give you is the life you’ve always wanted.