Just Being Honest

Aug 28, 2022

There are times that I feel like I have it together. I feel like my relationship with God is moving in a great direction at a great pace. I hear from Him; I sense His promptings; I have a desire to follow those promptings; my prayer life and my devotional life are consistent.

There are times that I feel like my marriage is thriving. Trisha and I are on the same page. We are communicating. We are connecting spiritually. We are spending time together. We are valuing one another.

A few weeks ago, I found myself in funk. I wasn’t feeling that close to God. I felt like prayer and reading the Bible were chores not something I wanted to do. I acknowledged God throughout my day, but not like I knew I should.

This funk made its way into our marriage too. It wasn’t anything big…but it felt funky nonetheless. We felt like we were missing each other. Small misunderstandings. Lack of quality time. Surface level talking replaced deep meaningful conversations. Our tempers were shorter. Our patience was thinner. Responses to situations that should have been minor had more bite than they should have.

It is interesting when I get in these places I try to find the reason for my funk in something or someone else than me. I was lying in bed last week and just said in my head to God, “What is the deal? Why do you feel so far away and why aren’t Trisha and I connected like we should be? You got anything for me?”

In that moment, I sensed God say to me, “Why don’t you read your own blog?” I knew exactly what He meant. You don’t drift into praying for your spouse…you choose it. You don’t drift to putting your relationship with God first…you choose it.

This isn’t a one-time choice. This is a daily choice. The Eight Things that Destroyed Our Marriage isn’t just a blog series…it is reality. So last week, I reread those words. I set aside time to reconnect with God. I broke out my five-year-old book The Power of a Praying Husband, and got back to basics.

This post is a reminder that you will not drift closer to God today. You will have to choose it. You will not drift to be on the same team with your spouse, you will have to fight for it.

If I’m honest, there are days that drifting takes its best shot at me…but it won’t get the best of me.

What do you when you find yourself in a funk?