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Looking Better than You

Aug 28, 2022

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to speak in week two of our series People of the Second Chance at Cross Point. We talked about the Elder Brother in the story of the Prodigal Son.

One of the character traits of the elder brother is feeling superior by being judgmental. It is so easy for me to have a judgmental heart. It’s so easy for me to think that I am better than someone else.

When you and I judge others we assume the worst of them. Judging is when you speak about someone’s sin and you feel no compassion. You have no obligation to help, and you secretly enjoy their failure. Judgment says, “I would never do anything as bad as that.” We judge other people’s actions, but we want to be judged by our intentions.

Can I give you my theory on something? This is from personal experience as well as 15 years of being in ministry. The sin you are the most judgmental about is the one you struggle with the most. I don’t have scientific evidence for this…but I think by in large its true. Maybe you’ve judged someone for getting pregnant before their married…and the only difference between them and you is they got pregnant and you haven’t, yet. Maybe you’ve judged a family member for having an affair and you feel so spiritually superior to them, yet you’re addicted to pornography. Maybe you’ve judged a person who’s an alcoholic or addicted to drugs, and yet you’re addicted to food and overeating. .

When I am judgmental, I paint as bad of a picture of someone else that I can, so I can feel better about how messed up and broken my heart is. The goal of the judgmental heart isn’t to become more like Christ; it is to appear to be more spiritual and more put together than I really am. My goal isn’t to reflect the love of the Father; it’s to look better than you.

What are your thoughts on my theory? Do you agree or disagree?