Overcoming Unmet Expectations

Aug 29, 2022

What do you do when expectations aren’t met? How do you overcome unmet expectations? Whether it be a date night, a vacation, or a conversation, there are going to be times when expectations are high, and go unmet. How do you keep those unmet expectations in check?

1. Speak it out.

An unspoken expectation will usually lead to an unmet expectation. Many of us carry hurt and anger toward our spouse for expectations that have gone unmet but that we’ve never communicated. Sharing your expectations will enable your spouse to know what you desire rather than be held hostage to an expectation they know nothing about.

2. Give up your need to have everything go your way.

There are times we’ve had a miserable trip or a disappointing date night simply because I was pouting that things were playing out like I thought they should. Sometimes we rob ourselves of enjoying sacred moments with our spouse or family because it isn’t going how we planned. We forfeit memories for the sake of control.

3. Refuse to make a big deal out of little issues.

Many of us can’t overcome unmet expectations because we give level ten responses to level two issues. We are always on edge and our family is always on edge. We could enjoy life, marriage and our kids much more if we would just relax a little. Not every issue is a big deal.

4. Appreciate your season.

One of the biggest regrets I have as a parent is not appreciating our current season. If you’re going to overcome unmet expectations, enjoy time not things. Look at the time you have as the gift, not the result of that time. I wish I would have cherished the rainy time in Destin twelve years ago, not resented it. Appreciate the season you are in and joy will follow.

We don’t always get this right, but we are learning. What would you add to the list?