Small Miracles Change Everything

Aug 29, 2022

Another Christmas is upon us.

Presents stacked under the tree. Hopes and wishes shared with family and friends.

Anticipation of what could and should be in a coming new year.

Christmas is also a reminder of what could have been; what isn’t; what should have changed; what didn’t change. Christmas is hard on marriage and causes tension in families.

Christmas is why more people file for divorce in January than in all other 11 months of the year combined. “Let’s just get through Christmas.”

Many struggling marriages lose hope because they don’t see big changes take place in their spouse. They want their marriage to miraculously change.

They want years of hurt to be healed over night.

They want layers of dysfunction to disappear with little work.

They want long term behavior patterns to alter all of a sudden.

Christmas reminds us that big miracles start out as small gifts.

The Nation of Israel wanted a Messiah. They wanted a King to overthrow Rome. They wanted a deliverer to save them in miraculous ways.

They received a baby. They were given a small miracle, delivered to an inconspicuous couple in the middle of nowhere.

Only those that were looking for the miracle noticed it.

If you desire change in your marriage, maybe it’s not a huge miracle you’re in need of. Maybe God longs for you to begin to notice the small miracles along the way.

My guess is  EVERYTHING about your marriage can’t change today…but one thing could.

God longs to give you  little miracles in your marriage that could add up to huge transformation. It might not be instant. It might not be easy. It might look different than you’ve imagined.

But Christmas reminds us that it’s the small miracles that can change everything.

Don’t give up hope. Christmas is here.