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The Dry Season

Aug 28, 2022

A Dry Season is when you feel like you are doing everything right, but God is distant. You feel like you are praying, but God isn’t hearing or answering. You feel like you are spending enough time in God’s Word, but His Word isn’t changing you, speaking to you, reaching you. You feel like you are attending church enough, but the worship seems emotionless and you can’t connect.

I’ve been through Dry Seasons. Here is what I remember during the Dry Season that I’m trying to apply right now:

-Right feelings always follow right actions.

There is so much about our relationship with God that we base on our feelings. It is why so many of us feel like we are on a roller coaster with God. Think of another relationship that you hold as hostage to how you “feel” as you do your relationship with God. You’d divorce and remarry your spouse hundreds of times, you’d say you hate your best friend only to call her the next day to tell her you love her hundreds of times. So often, we base our relationship with God solely on how we feel, and we get sideways. Right feelings always follow right actions. So even when I don’t feel like doing what’s right, and I do, the feeling I was searching for usually follows. I don’t have to achieve all of God’s plan, I just, as my good friend Lindsey Nobles wrote, do the next right thing.

-God hasn’t moved, but he longs to be pursued.

I am amazed as I have been reading through the Old Testament this week how soft a spot God has in His heart for people who cry out to Him. Over and over again, the Bible talks about how he heard their cry; He couldn’t resist their pleas; He had compassion because of their pain. When I feel like I’m in a Dry Season I remember that God is still there, I’m just having a hard time seeing Him. I’ll see him better as I continue to walk toward Him.

Have you been through a dry season of your soul? Any other suggestions you would add?