The Gift of Vision

Jul 29, 2022

When Trisha and I separated, I realized that the gift of vision is a gift that can be and should be applied to all areas of my life. As successful as I had become at having vision in ministry, I was equally a failure at applying that to my marriage and in my relationship with my kids. I was traditional…I only saw what was or what used to be, not what could be.

The gift of vision in your marriage gives you hope. When you don’t have hope in your marriage, the end is near. When you take the time to see what could be in your marriage, you don’t focus on what used to be. Your focus isn’t on mistakes that were made 5 years ago, or regrets that you have that you can’t go back and undo. When you have vision, you have a picture of what can and should be in your marriage, and then you have the hope to pursue that vision with intensity and intentionality.

The gift of vision as a parent allows you to see potential not present failures. When you have a vision in your mind of who God has created your child to be, you are then a tool that God has placed in their life to draw out their potential, not point out their failures. You see what can be and you encourage and coach and mold and shape and speak life into them.

How much better could your marriage be if you took some time to seek God’s vision for your marriage? Rather than always focusing on what it isn’t (believe me your spouse doesn’t need one more reminder of ALL that your marriage isn’t, they already know), you choose to focus on what could be, and you passionately pursue that together. How much more impact could you have in your kid’s life if you helped them catch a vision for who God has called them to be. All of a sudden you cheer them on at things that you aren’t passionate about, but they are. You see the potential they have to be an artist or a musician, you see how much they love writing or acting or a particular sport. When you can see what could be and not just what is for you child and you spur them on to pursue that, you capture their heart!