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You Owe Me

Aug 28, 2022

The Bellevue Campus of Cross Point shares a parking lot with Toys R Us and with Sonic; both of which are detrimental to our budget. A few weeks ago my son Isaiah and I were going to the Bellevue Campus and we pulled into the parking lot by Toys R Us. As we drove past and he said, “After we get done can we go to Toys R Us?” I gave him my standard answer…“Maybe.” He said, “We need to go there.” I said, “Why do we need to go there.” He said, “I have money.” I said, “Really, how much money do you have?” “I have five dollars.” “Where did you get five dollars?” He said, “You got paid today, right? You owe me!” “What? I don’t owe you five dollars.” He said, “You got paid, and now I need to get paid my allowance.  You owe me five dollars.” I said, “What did you do to earn five dollars?” He just said, “My allowance, you owe me.”

You owe me.

I can be that way with God at times. “After all I’ve done for you God, YOU OWE ME.” This heart condition is called entitlement, and it can slowly eat away at the healthiest of relationships.

Entitlement says “Why them and not me?

Why did he get a raise and I didn’t?

Why is she getting married and I’m not?

Why did they get the deal and I didn’t?

Why am I unemployed and they’re not?

Why can she have a baby and I can’t?

Why am I getting divorced and they’re not?

After all I’ve done for you, God…YOU OWE ME.

Now don’t get me wrong…you’re thankful for grace and you’re glad you’re going to heaven, but deep in your heart you know God is getting a good deal with you. He owes you. God owes you a new job.  God owes you a faithful spouse. God owes you a loyal friend. God owes you good health. God owes you an apology, for all of the times you’ve served Him, but He hasn’t come through for you. He owes you.

Over the years, I’ve allowed entitlement to keep me from experiencing joy…

-Joy in offering forgiveness

-Joy in being generous with my money

-Joy in being content with what I have

-Joy in receiving and living in the beauty of God’s grace


When you and I live with an attitude of entitlement we want what God can give us, more than we want God.

Do you struggle with entitlement in your relationship with God? How about in your relationship with your spouse, friends or family?